Recompete Pilot Program

Status: Closed - Applications Closed October 5, 2023

This program is currently closed for new submissions. Contact SURGE to be connected with additional resources and potential partners around the regions/state

Description: The Distressed Area Recompete Pilot Program (Recompete Pilot Program) will invest $200 million in persistently distressed communities to create and connect people to good jobs. This program will create renewed economic opportunity in communities that have for too long been forgotten. To do so, the program targets areas where prime-age (25-54 years) employment significantly trails the national average, with the goal to close this gap through large, flexible investments. As part of EDA’s place-based economic development approach, the Recompete Pilot Program aims to meet communities where they are by offering grant opportunities that ensure sustainable and equitable economic growth across the United States. On June 29, 2023, EDA published the Phase 1 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). This Phase 1 NOFO invites applicants to apply for: Strategy Development Grants, Approval of a Recompete Plan, or Both

Who can apply: To support applicants in determining geographic eligibility, EDA – in partnership with Argonne National Laboratory – has released the Recompete Eligibility Mapping Tool. Please visit to access the tool, which includes a user-friendly map and instructional materials.  Applicant can be: (i) a unit of local government; (ii) the District of Columbia; (iii) a territory of the United States; (iv) a Tribal government; (v) political subdivisions of a State or other entity, including a special-purpose entity engaged in economic development activities; (vi) a public entity or nonprofit organization, acting in cooperation with the officials of a political subdivision of a State or other entity described in (v); (vii) an economic development district; and (viii) a coalition of any of the above entities that serve or are contained within an eligible geographic area

How to apply:  Apply Directly to the Economic Development Agency

How SURGE is helping applicants:  SURGE has offered a proposer's guide, online tutorials, a proposer's day and is happy to review proposals and help connect to needed stakeholders.

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Informational Videos & Additional Resources:

  • Click to download: the Slide Deck that was presented during the June 27 proposer's day event at the Arkansas Department of Commerce..